Operating on Power: Mac OS X - Appendix

There are two software projects, that make Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 more usable even in 2019, that I forgot in the main post about the OS:

The first is Leopard-WebKit which brings newer browser engine to your good old Safari. The last official version of Safari for Leopard is from 2011, last version of Leopard-WebKit is from June 2018 and quite a lot happened in the world of WWW, HTTP and HTML in that time period. It makes Safari almost as usable as TenFourFox. I'm personally a Firefox/TenFourFox/Gecko user, so I didn't think of it, but Cameron pointed it out in comments and was right.

The second is Sevan Janiyan's pkgsrc collection for Tiger (and Leopard). These will enable you to install about a ton of prebuilt open-source software packages, like compilers, scripting languages, terminal utilities etc. in more current versions than the original included in either Mac OS X itself or XCode. For power user an absolute must, I couldn't use my PowerMac G5 until 2018 without them. I omitted them from the original post because the server was not working at the time. Now it's up and running for your good.

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